Elizabeth Beard’s Letter to Husband Lewis Barney

Elizabeth Beard The following letter from my 2nd great grandmother Elizabeth Beard to my 2nd great grandfather Lewis Barney is a small glimpse of hardship faced by my family in the 1800’s:

21 Mar 1887 , Bowie Station, AZ
A letter from Elizabeth Beard Barney (wife 2) to her husband Lewis Barney dated 21 March1887
Dear Husband; I received your letter that you directed to David and I was glad to hear that you are well. David is not here in Bowie and he was fifty miles away putting in wood to a mining company. I can’t find you recommended that you want. I have searched every paper that is in the house and I think the one you got from Lorenso Watson was lost when we moved out of the tent and the other one I never saw anything of. You had better write to Lorenso Watson at once and I think he will send you another one. Well Lewis I am very tired of living in this station. I have lived all alone nearly all winter. But Emma is living with me now so it is not quite so lonesome, well, I think that our peace with the Indians in Arizona is about over, the hostilities broke out the other day in Carlos and killed one of the Lieutenants and went into the mountains. I will send Arthurs and your letters out to David.
Well Lewis I cannot tell what the matter is. I have wrote long letters to you and Arthur and Martha and had only one from you and none from any of the rest. I don’t know when David will come. I mailed a letter on the 7th of March and sent the old records I could find in it and I sent Tom a registered letter the same day with $30.00 in it. I will hurry David on as fast as I can so we can get out of this country. Well I can’t think of much more at this time, so will close with my love to all.
Elizabeth Beard Barney
Bowie Station, Arizona
[My Note: Emma is Emiline Barney Thompson, Grandpa Carl’s mother. Tom is Tom Briscoe, Martha Ann’s husband.]
A letter from Emiline Barney Thompson to her father Lewis Barney dated 21 March 1887.
Dear Father I thought I would write a few lines to let you know how I am. All well at present, and hope these few lines find you enjoying good health. Times are hard here and there is a good deal of sickness on the river; well I don’t know when we will get back but I hope it will not be long. Times look bad and Lilly talks nearly everything. Albert has been gone since November he is hauling wood to the mining company. I can’t think of much this time, tell Arthur to write me and give my love to all.
Emma (Emiline) Barney Thompson
Bowie Station, Arizona

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