Regretfully, I’ve neglected posting to this blog for quite a spell now. I intend to start writing and posting regularly again as I’ve accumulated many stories and ancestral tidbits through my research. I want to share my info with family and anyone else interested in all things regarding ancestry.Stay tuned! KB

Mistake or Surprise?

I decided to look up my parent’s 1940 census info. I went to the FamilySearch website expecting to find my mom and dad’s stats along with a listing for me as a household member (I was born in 1939). I found my parent’s census but much to my surprise, a boy Christopher age 3 and a girl Catherine age 2, were listed as their children. I never heard of them before! I was not listed! I even checked the original hand-written census document to make sure. Sure enough it was the same as the transcription.

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